Environment-friendly solution for removal of oil stains and for anti-skid treatment of surfaces


It cleans contaminated porous surfaces efficiently, in an environmentally friendly way (e.g. concrete, asphalt, paving stones, natural stones, ceramic tiles, wooden and plastic floors etc.). The very fine particles penetrate into the irregularities of the surface and adsorb the tiny oil drops, making it easy to bring the contamination to the surface with some water and to remove it. The product offers simple use.



  • 100% chemical free, environmentally friendly technology
  • Biodegradable
  • Excellent for anti-skid treatment and de-oiling
  • Usable in water due to its hydrophobicity
  • Low dependency on temperature conditions
  • Safely neutralizes and cleans up hazardous contamination
  • Keeps oil contamination encapsulated in its porous structure
  • Simple, economical, and environmentally friendly use




The SERVICE RESIST product resolves the issue of oil and fat spillages in the working area by cleaning from solid surfaces and neutralizing any type of oily or greasy substance. When used in a thin layer and dispersed evenly on a clean surface, it eliminates slipperiness and reduces the risk of accidents.

Anti-slip solution


Another distinguishing feature of the product is its utilization as an anti-slip solution. In addition to neutralizing and removing the spilled oil or fat from a wet or dry surface, it eliminates slipperiness too. For this effect, it needs to be dispersed in a thin layer over the clean surface and left there. The remaining powder can be collected and reused. After continuous and regular use it makes the surface water-resistant.

Areas of application


  • Transportation of goods, public transportation (trucks, long distance buses)
  • Workshops and repair shops
  • Smaller factories
  • Filling stations
  • Yachts, speedboats (to clean bilge)
  • Bakeries, kitchens (where oils and fats are used)
  • Waste disposal sites, dumping grounds and their surroundings

Packaging units


SERVICE RESIST is marketed in 15-kilogram boxes and in emergency response

Packaging units

Emergency response kits are easy to use in case of accidents; due to the small unit size and accessories, it can be transported and used ready-made. It contains: Service Resist in small (3 kg), medium (5 kg) and large (8 kg) units, a scrub, a brush, shoe protection, protective mask, protective gloves, and a unique spade with a sieve.