An additive to significantly increase fire-extinguishing efficiency and fire-fighting equipment durability


Manufactured in a patented composition through a special process, this fine particulate powder has an excellent fire-extinguishing capability due to its high thermal stability. It has a porous structure that adsorbs all types of oils and oil derivatives, thus offering a 2in1 solution for emergency response to hydrocarbon fires. If added as an ingredient in a small proportion to the content of the fire extinguisher, it can improve the efficiency of the device by up to 70%. It significantly increases fire safety and the durability of the expensive fire-fighting equipment, as well as leaves the objects unaffected by the fire intact since it has no damaging effect in contrast to chemicals.


This product is still in development. Not yet licensed, further research is required for subsequent use.

Areas of potential application


  • To considerably increase the effectiveness of fire-fighting materials as well as the lifespan and warranty period of extinguisher equipment
  • May improve the efficiency of fire-extinguishing by 70% as an additive.
  • As opposed to chemicals, it does not damage objects unaffected by fire.