A gentle but powerful green solution to clean algae from pools and pavements as well as to be used for plant protection as snail repellent

A white, environment-friendly lime powder of very fine particles, the product ensures algae-free surfaces and pool water. Due to its natural ingredients, there is no need to use chemicals or toxic materials to fight algae. It offers a visually appealing sight and is excellent for anti-skid treatment.


It can be applied to pavement surfaces affected by algae and fungi as well. Since lime is a highly effective agent against algae and fungi growth, it provides a fast, long-lasting and ecological solution for cleaning pavement surfaces. It only requires a rough brush to simply and quickly clean the surface with the powder.

ALGAE RESIST acts delicately yet powerfully in several ways. It does not pollute the soil, and actually makes the soil slightly calcareous, a very beneficial condition for the growth of some fruits and vegetables (strawberries and tomatoes for example) as they develop a more intense taste. The product is also suitable for keeping the overpopulating snails at bay and reducing or eliminating the damage caused by them in agricultural settings and home gardens, whilst being entirely non-toxic to the environment and other species. Neither the animals feeding on the demised snails nor humans are going to be harmed, thus it represents an ecologically gentle snail repellent method.


Areas of application


  • Plant protection
  • Snail repellent – it practically kills snails, but is not poisonous to other animals or humans
  • Can be applied to wet areas due to its hydrophobic properties
  • Alkalizes soil and is beneficial for certain plants
  • Target audience: home garden owners, large farms, companies involved in plant protection
  • Not yet licensed, further research is required for subsequent use.